When we decided to go to Siem Reap, we knew at the outset that we had to include transport in our itinerary as another big chuck of our daily expenses. Obviously you can be adventurous like take public buses or even hitch hike. Unfortunately, it was just a weekend trip so we decided to get a tuk tuk instead.


So I went to TripAdvisor and I looked for “tuk tuk driver”. The search results surprised me. Ha, that was the first time I “saw” Heng. Sixty-five reviews! This can’t be true. And all with excellent five-star ratings.

Curious to know what sorcery did this Heng guy had employed on his clients, I went on to send an email to Heng for a quote.

Then I slowly understand why.

Mind you, this was over three months before the D-Day. What was surprising for me was how efficient Heng in his replies (something which my work colleagues can probably learn a thing or two). Fair enough. Probably I asked some rookie questions. So Heng probably had his arsenal of standard templates at his disposal. Whatever it is, Heng’s responsiveness made us feel close to him; that he is also invested in our trip. That simple attitude made us choose Heng as our designated tuk tuk guy.

Cambodian War Memorial, Siem Reap
At the entrance of the Cambodian War Memorial, Siem Reap

Daily rates for tuk tuk services

We did several checks and we can say that Heng gave the most competitive rates among all other tuk tuk drivers. We hope these rates can serve as a guiding reference for you travel costs. It is still best if you check with Heng directly (contact details below) on the latest rates.


For the first day, Heng suggested us to take what he described as “small tour”. The temples include Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom, Bayon, Ta Phrom, Ta koe, Benteay Khdei. You can visit all these temples for $15 with tuk tuk. If you prefer a car, Heng can take you to these temples for $35 per day.

For second day, Heng considered this as a “big tour”. The rates remains the same as the first day but the temples will cover Phrea khan, Neak Pean, Ta som, East Mebun, Pre Rup.

On third day, we have an option to visit outside of Angkor area. For $25 per day, the places to be covered include Beteay Srei and Benteay Samre. Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to visit these two beautiful temples (it’s a shame, I know!).

Simple “ool drinks” that made all the difference

The last email sentence from Heng reads: “All the trips free cool drinks.
Initially, I personally didn’t really bother about this. However, for Izwan, a proud cheapskate, he was really sold with the whole free “cool drinks” idea. On the first day we arrived, we had a bet on what “cool drinks” actually meant. Typical for us trained lawyers wanting to define every single stuff. Izwan said it could probably be syrups. Eugh.

Thankfully Izwan was dead wrong.

We had free flow of mineral water throughout the trip. On another note, why didn’t anyone warn about climbing those steep stairs in Angkor temples? They were really challenging as we tried our best to cover as many temples in a day. Not an easy feat mind you. An offer for water from Heng each time we finished a trip, sounds like heaven to us.

This made us realise that, in the end, those complimentary cool drinks were just simple stuff that made a lot of difference in our overall Siem Reap experience. And we are also proud to announce that on the last day of our trip, we actually finished all the “cool drinks”.

A short interview with Heng

After the trip, I felt awful since we could’ve asked Heng if we could interview him. So I emailed some questions to Heng.

Fazlin: What is one thing you really like about yourself?

Heng: The one thing that I’m really like about my self is I love to make friendship a round the world.

Fazlin: Are you married?

Heng: I’m married, I have four kids: three sons and one daughter.

Fazlin: How many years have you been a tuk tuk driver?

Heng: I have been a tuk tuk driver for 16 years since 2000.

Fazlin: If you could ask God one question right now, what would it be?

Heng: If I could ask god one question right now, I would like my family to have happiness and health.

Fazlin: Tell me the first thing that you ever remember in your life.

Heng: The first thing that I’m ever remember in my life is Khmer Rouge; the time that my father was killed and it was very sad in my life.


How to get in touch with Heng

Do contact him at +855 86 864 127 or send an email to henghappytuktuk@gmail.com if you would like to ask Heng to take you around in your upcoming Siem Reap trip.

For Heng, if you’re reading this, we hope you enjoy reading this post. Here’s another five-star rating for you!

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  1. I love that he agreed to a short (but poignant) interview! This was a lovely post. The best part of travel is meeting characters like Heng!

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