This year was quite different than last year’s raya as my leave was approved for a week.

Since my hometown in Kedah is just an hour away from Penang, I asked Fazlin to fly over here. An hour later, I picked up Fazlin from the airport.

We had other friends who were celebrating Eid around the area that we all got together to come here as well.

Astaka Taman Tun Sardon at Gelugor

Astaka Taman Tun Sardon is located in Gelugor, a town which is 30 minutes from the Penang International Airport. Coming here might be a bit tricky if you don’t have a transport though. It is pretty common to find people queuing to get food here. We didn’t find any foreigner here as most of the people looked locals. We had to queue up to try out the roti canai and also kue tau goreng. I wouldn’t say that their food were really delicious but it was a nice experience nonetheless eating in a local eatery in Penang.   

Ming Xiang Tai Pastry Shop

The next stop was this old pastry shop that is famous for its egg tarts. To be honest, we really didn’t know about this shop at all. It is located along Burmah Road. Fazlin got some egg tarts and some salted eggs pastry. Egg tarts are priced at RM2.

20 each and salted egg pastry was RM2.00. It turned out to be really nice. Do check out Ming Xiang Tai if you are around the area.

Coffee on the table 

Our next stop was this hipster cafe situated along Lebuh Pantai in Georgetown.To be honest, this isn’t exactly how we would spend our holiday in Penang. This also appears to be our first time trying out a coffee with 3D art latte. We didn’t get the chance to choose apparently. “It’s a surprise thing,” said one of the staff in the cafe. Read more about it here. Fazlin ordered a latte while I settled with a long black. My long black turned out to be really bitter (which was surprisingly good). When the latte arrived, it came with a bear that seemed to be nicely “seated” on top of the cup.

The price is quite on the premium side. The latte was RM15.90 while my long black was RM7.90.

Red Inn Cabana

For our one night stay, Fazlin managed to get a last minute booking through Traveloka. . It became cheaper as Fazlin used the RM20 discount voucher that we received as a first time user (thanks Traveloka!). The booking turned out to be a 50% as the original price was RM42!

The only think we both liked about the place was the fact that the air conditioner worked. It was quite difficult falling asleep as there was a karaoke bar next to our place. I can’t remember exactly at what time the music stopped. We stayed in a room that is just right after the entrance stairs. The wooden floor wasn’t helping as well as you could hear people passing every time they pass your rooms.

All in all, I didn’t really enjoy staying at this place.

During check-in, we came a bit early by an hour so I didn’t really enjoy the hospitality. I don’t think the staff is local and he wasn’t very helpful as well when we asked for direction to places.

This place would have been a nice place if you are really desperate or you know for sure that you’ll be visiting around places and wouldn’t be spending much time inside the room except for sleeping.

Areca Books

Finding a parking is quite hard as the places are limited. It would have been a better idea if you take Grab or Uber or better still walk from your hotel. The choices are pretty limited as it is a niche bookstore. However, I expected that the books to be more organised. It was a nice visit as we were lucky to meet Puan Khoo Salma, a councillor in Penang and one of the trustees for the Penang Heritage Trust.

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