While trying to locate historical places during our heritage walk in Ipoh, we found an alley that led us to a beautiful mural of Marrilyn Monroe. I know what you are thinking… You probably had seen it somewhere in this website of that mural. Keep on looking if you haven’t!

We walked further down the alley minding our own business when suddenly we were greeted by a lady who had a big name tag that says: Safiah binti Rafar. She gave a wide smile and asked if we want to visit the Yasmin Ahmad’s museum.

Obviously we both said yes.

Yasmin Ahmad is a name that is familiar to many Malaysian. It is impossible for anyone to miss her works especially commercial ads (mostly commissioned by Petronas). Expect to see one of Yasmin’s works when it comes to major festivities like Deepavali, Chinese New Year and Aidilfitri.

Inside the museum, you’ll find an LCD TV mounted on the wall where you get to watch a compilation of her commercial ads. We both just sat down at the bench beside the wall, and spent over thirty minutes looking at the screen. As the ads keeps on changing, we both began having teary eyes. The emotions were overwhelming.

We really did not know what to expect from the museum. Since, I’ve watched some of the movies by Yasmin like Sepet, Gubra and Muallaf. Yasmin was a unique individual because she just did what she wanted to do; and by doing just that, she managed to bring social differences together as what makes us Malaysian.

We climbed a flight of stairs and we were welcomed  by photos of Yasmin Ahmad and her quirky notes. There was one frame that caught our eye. It was titled “How to dance” by Yasmin.

There were a lot of things on display. Yasmin was well known to be donning kebaya. On one of her displays, she mentioned that traditional clothes give you a beautiful dignity, no matter what age or shape you are in. We also found that she loved Bali, and even wrote a poem on the place.

Inside the musuem
Inside the musuem


A poem on Bali written on her hotel's paper
A poem on Bali written on her hotel’s paper


Kebaya by Yasmin
Fancy kebaya




You are dearly missed, Yasmin.


  1. I remember being so intrigued by her life story. One of the sweetest gifts I ever got was the Sepet DVD from deal Nuzul. Intrigued enough by this post to wanna drop by if I ever make it up to Ipoh. Thanks, Fazz!

  2. Dear* Nuzul! (Fazz, it’d be great to have an Edit button for each comment post?)

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