We were lucky to be part of the annual Georgetown Festival 2016. One thing that caught my eye was the presence of many yellow chairs around George Town. Located at various random places, it was something that made us intrigued.

Closer look at the chair will show the serial number and the following note:

“Sit on me, move me, arrange me with others. Do what you like with me, just keep me in the George Town World Heritage Site.”


This turned out to be one of the projects under the George Town Festival. It’s a social experiment to “reclaim public space”.

These beautifully decorated chairs can be sat, moved and rearranged as you please. The idea of the chairs being moved around is to create awareness  and somewhat send a collective message to the public on the future development in the city of George Town. This project is organised by the Penang Institute with the joint support  by Narrow Marrow and Hin Bus Depot



This social experiment is such wonderful way of getting the people of Penang together and it it is one of a kind. We have always been fascinated with social experiments and wondering on the outcome of this project.


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