We reached Bayan Lepas International Airport from Kuala Lumpur on the first AirAsia 7am flight. Getting Uber was easy. Before leaving the arrival hall, we managed to grab some of these brochures at the information shelf. It can be said that the people at George Town Heritage World Incorporated (GTHWI) had done some great work in terms of promoting George Town. We were lucky that  during the time we went, it was the last week of the George Town Festival which is organised every mid-year.

Brochures and reading materials we took gave us some ideas on events and stuff happening in George Town

After twenty minutes, we arrived at Armenian House, nicely sandwiched in between of similar looking houses situated in the Armenian Street.

Armenian House is strategically located in the middle of the famous Armenian Street offering guest rooms with a shared bathroom while at downstairs, guests can find a hipster cafe blended in a traditional Chinese architecture


We realise that taking a picture at this iconic street art wasn’t as easy because the number of tourists flocking to the Armenian Street



Earlier, we had looked for local events and activities so that we can maximise the next twenty four hours of our stay in George Town.

Lacala Heritage Discovery Walk

Dubbed as “Lacala Heritage Discovery Walk”, this three hours free guided walk  took us to three main streets in George Town: Acheen Street, Armenian Street and Cannon Street.





During our walk, we saw  several “Marking George Town” spots. It’s a nice way of discovering streets in George Town through iron based caricatures with descriptions of the streets.



We woke up early on our second day to join a walk organised by OCBC, a bank. The bank has been around in the island for over a century now and it’s no surprise that the relationship is quite personal for many Penangites. There’s a funny story here because we wanted to make sure that we receive the goodie bags before the walk day.

Makamariamman Temple, Syed Al-Attas Mansion, Goddess of Mercy Temple, Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion and Queen Victoria Memorial Clock Tower. It’s a really nice way of exploring George Town.

An Evening of Lights @ Khoo Kongsi






Francis Light Cemetery Tour

In the evening, we visited The Protestant Cemetery. It’s part of the LFSS monthly event series. Our guide was [insert name here]. [name] is also the council member of the GTWHI. We were happy that we kept an open mind about the whole tour. You’ll learn a lot about European settlers from over eight nationalities which became instrumental in the formation of Penang as it is today. It turned to be a pretty good experience.




Half lit candle reflected the early passing of Frida Hattenbach, young wife of the first German settler in Penang.
Nothing distinctive about this grave except perhaps for the brief description of his life

In comparison to other cities in Malaysia that we’ve been, George Town is really different. Penangites we met were welcoming at a different level of hospitality. It’s that hospitality trait that perhaps was embedded inside their NDAs perhaps from their friendly welcoming ancestors. Every street in George Town seem to whisper to us, to walk in each of them, as each street had its own legacy and history to tell. What we can say is that we really left Penang with a heavy heart (and a very full stomach).

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